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Section 215.020 Ordinance 427

Just a reminder concerning Ordinance 427, Section 215.020, Nuisances Affecting Health.  Please do not blow your grass clippings onto the road.

Section 215.020. Nuisances Affecting Health. [Ord. No. 427 Art. II §2, 2-5-2014]

A. The following shall be declared nuisances and are declared to be nuisances affecting health:

1. Abandoned, damaged or disabled vehicles.

2. All decayed or unwholesome food offered for sale to the public, or offered to the public at no charge.

3. All diseased animals running at large.

4. All ponds, pools, or containers of stagnant water.

5. Carcasses of dead animals not buried or destroyed within twenty-four (24) hours after death.

6. Accumulations, wheresoever they may occur, of manure, rubbish, garbage, refuse and human and industrial, noxious or offensive waste, except the normal storage on a farm of manure for agricultural purposes on property in excess of twenty (20) acres.

7. The pollution of any well, cistern, spring, underground water stream, lake, canal, or body of water by sewage or industrial wastes, or other substances harmful to human beings.

8. Dense smoke, noxious fumes, gas and soot, or cinders in unreasonable quantities, or the presence of any gas, vapor, fume, smoke, dust or any other toxic substance on, in or emitted from the equipment of any premises in quantities sufficient to be toxic, harmful or injurious to the health of any employee or to any premises, occupant, or to any other person.

9. Common drinking cups, roller towels, combs, brushes or eating utensils in public or semipublic places where not properly sanitized after use.

10. Any vehicle used for septic tank cleaning which is not sealed to prevent any of its contents from leaking, spilling, falling or blowing out of such vehicle at any time.

11. Any vehicle used for garbage or rubbish disposal which is not equipped with a watertight metal body and provided with a tight metal cover or covers and so constructed as to prevent any of the contents from leaking, spilling, falling or blowing out of such vehicle at any time, except while being loaded, or not completely secured and covered so as to prevent offensive odors from escaping therefrom or exposing any part of the contents at any time.

12. Any and all infestations of flies, fleas, roaches, lice, ticks, rats, mice, fly maggots, mosquito larvae and hookworm larvae.

13. Unlicensed dumps, and licensed dumps not operated or maintained in compliance with the ordinances of the City of Laddonia or the County of Audrain and the Statutes of the State of Missouri.

14. All yard waste that is collected or permitted to collect or accumulate within twenty (20) feet of the edge of any roadway, street or lane.

15. All ashes, cinders, slops, filth, excrement, sawdust, stones, rocks, dirt, straw, dead grass, grass clippings, dead limbs, leaves, brush, logs, weeds, foliage, shrub cuttings, clippings, soot, sticks, shavings, eggshells, oyster shells, cans, dust, brush, logs, paper, trash, rubbish, manure, refuse, offal, wastewater, chamber lye, fish, putrid meat, entrails, decayed fruits or vegetables, broken wares, rags, iron or other metal, old wearing apparel, animal or vegetable matter, all dead animals, any grass, dead limbs, leaves, brush, logs, weeds, foliage, shrub cuttings, clippings or any other kind of yard wastes, or any other offensive or disagreeable substance or thing thrown, left, deposited, or caused to be left, thrown, or deposited by anyone in or upon any street, sidewalk, park, public place, public enclosure, lot, vacant or occupied, ditch, pond, or pool of water.

16. All sidewalks, gutters, ditches, culverts or curbstones permitted to remain in an unsafe condition, covered with yard waste or out of repair by any person required by this Article or any other ordinance of this City to be kept in good condition or repair, or free of yard waste or trash are hereby declared to be public nuisances.

17. The outside storage of new, used and/or waste tires.

18. All other acts, practices, conduct, business, occupation callings, trades, uses of property and all other things detrimental or certain to be detrimental to the health of the inhabitants of the City of Laddonia.


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