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Minutes of the Laddonia Board of Aldermen Board Meeting Held at City Hall on September 13th, 2018

301 E 1st St, Laddonia, MO  63352

Members Present                                               Others Present

Monte Hanson, Mayor                                       Mary Kaluhiokalani, Clerk

Gary Garnett, Alderman                                     Nick Parrish, Treasurer

Glenn Jensen, Alderman                                    Tom Ellis, Attorney

Francis Hunn, Alderman                                     Carl Donaldson, Maint.

Eric Craft, Alderman                                            Shawn Puls, Chief of Police

Members Absent



Meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by Mayor Hanson.

Welcome to everyone was conducted by Mayor Hanson.

The Swearing in Ceremony of the new City Clerk and new City Alderman were conducted by Tom Ellis, Attorney.  Mary Kaluhiokalani is now the new City Clerk and Eric Craft is now the new City Alderman, filling the open chair for the rest of the term.

Recording of the alderman attendance was conducted by Mary, City Clerk.

Francis moved and Gary seconded the approval of the agenda with the addition of a recently received building permit request.  Motion was approved 4-0.

Patron comments were heard by the board.

A resident requested that a “Children at Play” sign be posted on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th street due to speeding traffic.   Another resident also requested a speed limit sign as well as a “Children at Play” sign be placed on Poplar St.  The mayor states that MO Dot will be contacted about the possibility of placing the signs.

There was one building permit for discussion.  The permit was denied due to the materials that were to be used.  Resident stated that the sides would be made from sheets of tin.  The board would prefer for the sides to be from a more substantial material.  Motion passed to deny permit 4-0.

Francis moved and Glenn seconded approval of the reports.  Motion approved 4-0.

The board discussed the cost of the storm damage repairs to City Hall.  Mayor Hanson states he spoke with the insurance company and the roofing contractors and they are to start the roof repair tomorrow.

The report on the condition of the grader was not discussed as Glenn did not have a chance to review it at this time, will be discussed next meeting.

Attorney Tom Ellis twice read the proposed ordinance that would delete the necessity of voting on either an alderman or mayor if the number of candidates was equal to or less to the number of openings.  Glenn moved and Francis seconded the motion to accept this ordinance which will now be on the April ballot for public approval.  Motion was approved  4-0.

The board discussed the possibility of tree removal on the city lot south of the city park.  The consensus of the discussion was that the removal of the tree would be reviewed again when the construction of the  proposed basketball court on that lot would begin.

The board discussed the street damage that was done by a tree removal company after the big storm at S. Grand and W. 4th street.  It was concluded that the company is to reimburse the city $200 for the cost of damages and labor.

The board discussed the budget adjustments necessary to cover the cost of the tree removal after the storm.  The board consensus was to reduce the Building Improvement Fund by the $35,000 cost of the tree removal.

The board discussed what duties the city maintenance crew is allowed to perform.  It was concluded that the aldermen will review and this issue will be revisited at a later date.

Gary moved and Glenn seconded for Ameren to fix the broken street lights and to add several more street lights to areas that are currently in need.  Motion was approved 4-0.

Glenn moved and Gary seconded to purchase new tires for the police car.  Shawn will contact local businesses first.  Motion was approved 4-0.

With no further business Eric moved to adjourn the meeting, Gary seconded the motion.  Motion was approved 4-0.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59pm by Mayor Monte Hanson.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Kaluhiokalani