LA3506-500 Chapter 500: Building Regulations

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Chapter 500



Building Construction and Fire Prevention

Section 500.010. Plans and Permits. [Ord. No. 144 Art. I, 10-14-1969]

A. All construction shall be performed within the standards of nationally recognized building codes, such as NFPA Codes, etc.

B. Inspection Of Construction. The Board of Aldermen or their designee shall inspect all buildings or structures during construction to see that the provisions of this Article are complied with. Whenever in his opinion, by reason of defective or illegal work in violation of a provision of this Article, the continuance of a building operation is contrary to public welfare, he may order all further work to be stopped and may require suspension of work until condition in violation has been remedied.

C. Earthquake And Seismic Design Requirements. All construction in the City shall comply with the requirements of Sections 319.200 through 319.207, RSMo., and any amendments thereto, relating to earthquakes and seismic construction requirements.

Section 500.020. through Section 500.130. (Reserved)


Building Permits

Section 500.140. Permit Required. [Ord. No. 144 Art. I, 10-14-1969; Ord. No. 277 §1, 1-12-1995]

A. A building permit shall be obtained from the City of Laddonia, Missouri, before the erection of any new building, the setting up of any mobile home, or any addition to or alteration on any building now existing within the corporate limits of Laddonia, Missouri; and said permit must be obtained before any building may be removed from one (1) location to another within said corporate limits of said City, or from without the limits of said City to a location within the corporate limits of said City.

B. Permit Required.

1. Except as hereinafter exempted in this Section, no wall, structure, building or part thereof shall hereafter be built, enlarged, or altered within the corporate limits until a plan of the proposed work, together with a statement of the materials to be used, shall have been submitted in writing in duplicate to the Board of Aldermen, who shall, in accordance with the provisions herein contained, issue a permit for the proposed construction. The permit herein required shall be made in duplicate and in such form as may be adopted by a resolution of the Board of Aldermen and one (1) copy thereof shall be kept on file in the office of the City Clerk.

2. Ordinary repairs and minor alterations not involving any change in major structural parts such as walls, beams, girders, chimneys and flues, or involving a cost of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), or erection of detached outbuildings outside the fire limits costing not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), or minor changes or repairs in electrical wiring or equipment shall not require the issuance of a permit.

3. No building shall be moved until a permit has been obtained from The Board of Aldermen and such official shall not issue such permit if in his judgement the proposed new location would seriously increase the fire hazards of the surrounding buildings.

4. When any wall, structure, building, or part thereof shall be constructed within the corporate limits without a permit or contrary to the provisions of this Article, it shall be taken or torn down or removed, and the expense incident thereto shall be recovered of the owner of said property by a suit in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Section 500.150. Exceptions. [Ord. No. 277 §2, 1-12-1995]

A. No such permit is necessary for alteration or exterior changes or repairs on any new or existing building, the cost of which does not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00); and roofing shall not fall within the purview of this Section.

B. No such permit is necessary, regardless of the cost, if the structure has been damaged by a storm of nature, or damaged by someone other than the owner and the purpose of the repairs is to restore the structure to its original condition.

Section 500.160. Application For Permit. [Ord. No. 277 §3, 1-12-1995]

Said building permit, as provided for herein, must be applied for in writing, directed to the Board of Aldermen of the City of Laddonia, Missouri, accompanied by a diagram or plans of said proposed new building, addition or change to an existing building, or the removal of an existing building from one (1) location to another within the corporate limits of said City, or the removal from without to within the corporate limits of said City.

Section 500.170. Approval or Denial of Permit. [Ord. No. 277 §4, 1-12-1995]

The Board of Aldermen of said City of Laddonia, Missouri, under the police power vested in it, may approve or deny the issuance of said building permit by statutory vote, upon taking into consideration all facts and circumstances surrounding each particular application therefor; and said Board of Aldermen, upon the filing of said application, has thirty (30) days within which to investigate and act upon such application.

Section 500.180. Application Fee. [Ord. No. 277 §5, 1-12-1995]

The sum of ten dollars ($10.00) shall accompany each request for a building permit, and if such request be honored by the Board of Aldermen, said ten dollars ($10.00) ten dollars deposit shall be credited to the Treasury of said City; and if said building permit be refused, said ten dollars ($10.00) deposit shall be returned to the applicant for said permit.