LA3506-620 Chapter 620: Video Service Providers

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Chapter 620


Section 620.010. Definitions. [Ord. No. 416 §1, 11-10-2011]

The definitions set forth in Section 67.2677, RSMo., shall apply to this chapter.

Section 620.020. Fees; Late Payment. [Ord. No. 416 §2, 11-10-2011]

A. As partial compensation for use of public rights-of-way, each video service provider providing video service in the City shall pay the City a video service provider fee equal to five percent (5%) of its gross revenues from providing video service in the geographic area of the City. This Subsection shall be in effect on and after the date of final passage.

B. Video service provider fee payments shall be made as required by Section 67.2689, RSMo. Late payments shall accrue interest due to the City, compounded monthly at one and one-half percent (1 1/2%).

Section 620.030. Customer Service Standards. [Ord. No. 416 §3, 11-10-2011]

All video service providers providing service in the City shall adopt and comply with the minimum customer service requirements set forth in Section 67.2692, RSMo. Receipt of a copy of this Chapter by the video service provider shall be deemed notice of the City invoking such customer service requirements.

Section 620.040. Notice of Provisions. [Ord. No. 416 §4, 11-10-2011]

The City Attorney shall cause a copy of this Chapter to be provided to all video service providers operating within the City at the time of the passage of this Chapter. The copy of this Chapter shall serve as notice of the increase in the video service provider fee and the other matters set forth in this Chapter.