SECTION 210.2310 WHEN AND WHERE PROHIBITED (ORD. No. 192/20, 9-11-1979) Ordinary firecrackers may be discharged on a resident’s own private property on July 3 and July 4 of each year.  Fireworks that when discharged could fly off the property from which they were discharged and explode on someone else’s property are prohibited. The hours fireworks … More FIREWORKS


SPRING CLEAN-UP is set for Saturday May 17TH BULKY/APPLIANCE Dayne’s will be collecting cleanups for residential customers only and appliances are limited to 2 per household. Any appliance must be tagged with a completed copy of the paperwork stating that the coolant and compressor have been removed by a certified technician.  This paperwork is required … More SPRING CLEAN-UP

Cemetery Spring Clean-Up

Laddonia Cemetery Spring Clean-up Please remove all flowers, (no glass containers) and figurines from your cemetery lots, if you wish to keep them, prior to March 22, 2018. You may resume putting flowers on your lots March 6, 2018.  Thank you for your cooperation. CITY OF LADDONIA