May 18, 2023 City Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Laddonia Board of Aldermen Meeting Held at City Hall,

301 E 1 st Street, Laddonia, MO

Members Present                                                         Other’s Present

Tresa Hodges, Mayor                                              Nick Parrish, Treasurer

Gerald Davis, Alderman                                          Eddy Craft, Supervisor

Travis Lybarger, Alderman                                     Carrie Risenhoover, City Clerk

 Jeremy Fendrick, Alderman                                   Joy Evans, Deputy City Clerk

Dwayne Hogue, Alderman                                     Tom Ellis, Attorney

                                                                                 Amanda Crewse, IT Director

                                                                                    Austin Layman (Patron)

                                                                                    Kevin Charlton (Patron)

                                                                                    Sandy Steffen (Patron)

**Swearing in of our new Mayor Tresa Hodges

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Tresa Hodges.

Welcome to everyone was conducted by Tresa Hodges.

Roll call was done by City Clerk

At this time was a vote for Alderman. Candidates were Austin Lane, Kevin Charlton, and Dwayne Hogue. New Alderman appointed Dwayne Hogue.

Gerald Davis /Motion              2nd Motion Travis Lybarger            Ayes 3-0

The New Mayor Pro Tem. Gerald Davis nominated Travis Lybarger

Jeremy Fendrick second the motion      Ayes 3-0

Approval of Agenda-

Travis Lybarger/ Motion      Gerald Davis / 2nd Motion                 Ayes 3-0

Approval of April Minutes-

Gerald Davis / Motion          Travis Lybarger/ 2nd Motion              Ayes 3-0

Approval of all reports-

 Gerald Davis / Motion           Jeremy Fendrick/ 2nd Motion                       Ayes 4-0

Approval of Warrant List-

Travis Lybarger / Motion            Gerald Davis / 2nd Motion                       Ayes 4-0

Patron Comments- There were no comments.

Kevin Charlton (Patron) permit for rabbits. Board approved.

Gerald Davis / Motioned              Jeremy Fendrick / 2nd the Motion        Ayes 4-0

Angela Snapp / Permit for Chickens. Board Approved

Gerald Davis / Motioned              Jeremy Fendrick / 2nd the Motion        Ayes 4-0

Amber Snyder / Permit for Chickens. Board Approved

Gerald Davis / Motioned              Jeremy Fendrick/ 2nd the Motion        Ayes 4-0

Tom Ellis / Discussion was on the time change from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. He has drawn up the ordinance for this. It will have to be read two times. First reading was done May 18th. Second reading will be done on June 8th.

High Grass and Junk / he will focus on these things and the process.

Amanda Crewse/ Computers have been updated. New computers are needed for Joy Evans and Eddy Craft. This needs to be put in the budget for next year.

Eddy Craft/ Chuck our maintenance man had turned his two weeks’ notice in, and his last day will be May 26th, 2023. The Kubota is broke and looking into the company that fixed it earlier to see if they can fix it without charging us for this. Since it is doing the same thing, it was doing when it went in to be fixed. Travis Lybarger would like us to use local business from now on.

Culverts will be on the agenda to replace the ones that are bad.

Richard Greenplate will be working every weekend at the water plant.

New Park equipment will be installed once a new maintenance man has been hired.

Eddy Craft will be doing some training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through the month of June. Then in the month of August he will start back up again on the training.

Eddy Craft would like to get 5”-6” gravel for the washout to help stop the erosion it has been creating between 2nd street and 3rd street.

Basketball Court/ The bid from Robert Malone was voted on.

Travis Lybarger / Motioned        Gerald Davis / 2nd Motion               Ayes 4/0

The Basketball Court will now be run by Alderman / Dwayne Hogue. He will be the one to get everything together and work with Robert Malone.

Tom Ellis / Attorney will be drawing up a contract for this.

City Park Bathroom / Pavilion- There has been some vandalizing with the locks for the bathroom and breaker box at the pavilion. Eddy Craft is going to put up trail cameras and investigate other types of cameras also. Deadbolts will be placed on the bathroom door.

Pool Credits/ Will be given this year.

Travis Lybarger / Motion           Gerald Davis / 2nd Motion            Ayes 4/0

Sealing Streets / Eddy had someone come in and go over what all that we are needing done to maintain our city streets. There will be some crack sealing and patching going on. Sean Wieberg was mentioned that Eddy might want to talk with him to see if he wants to put a bid in.

Travis Lybarger would like to have all culverts put in before the streets are done.

Funeral Home Parking lot- This needs to be fixed. Maybe check with who will be doing the concrete for the basketball court and maybe they can add this 10×20 amount to the list.

Time: 8:23

Gerald Davis Motioned for close meeting.

Travis Lybarger / 2nd Motion                

***************Close Meeting*****************

Close Session began at 8:23

Tom Ellis/ Attorney discussed our ORI# for the police department. Do we want to retire this number or see about putting another ad out there with all benefits? Tom Ellis is going to investigate more depth of the salary from other police departments. The discussion on salary can be negotiable.

Back into open session   8:43 pm

Gerald Davis / Motion               Travis Lybarger / 2nd Motion