October 13, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members Present​​​​​​ Others Present

Gary Garnett, Mayor​​​​​ Tom Ellis, Attorney

Tresa Hodges, Mayor Pro Tem​​​​ Charlie Vogt, Public Works Sup.​

Gerald Davis, Alderman ​​​​​Leslie Meyer, Commissioner

Juanita Cope, Alderman, via phone                      ​Patrons – Sandy Steffen


Meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm by Mayor Garnett.

Welcome to everyone was conducted by Mayor Garnett.

Recording of the aldermen attendance was conducted by the Mayor Pro Tem with Alderman, Travis Lybarger as absent.

Hodges moved and Davis seconded a motion to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion passed 3-0.  Items added were as follows. New Business – Proposal to join the Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

Leslie Meyer, Associate Audrain County Commissioner gave a presentation on a new program that is available to Audrain County residents called Live Healthy Discount Program. This is program has a low-cost health and dental insurance feature, as well as a no cost prescription discount program. More information is available as City Hall.

Heath Hall was not present however, a motion was made by Hodges and seconded by Davis to accept the Missouri Department of Natural Resources funding package listed in the Draft Fiscal Year 2023 Intended Use Plan for the Laddonia connection to CCWWC project and move forward with the project to have CCWWC as Laddonia’s source for all drinking water needs. 

No Patron comments brought forward.

Old Business:

Hodges moved and Davis seconded a motion to approve the September minutes. Motion passed 3-0.

Cope moved and Davis seconded a motion to approve the September 2022 monthly reports. Motion Passed 3-0

Cope moved and Davis seconded a motion to approve the September 2022 warrant list. Motion passed 3-0.

Discussion was had on the planning of the Samuel G. Fuqua Highway Dedication Ceremony regarding additional people from around the County to get on the planning committee. A meeting will be held on October 20 at 10:00am on Jefferson City to discuss more plans and move forward with this.

Employee Health Insurance – no update is available.

Community Building Development Grant update – Tresa Hodges gave an update on the meeting she had with Cindy from Mark Twain Counsel of Governments, Jason Caldwell, local MFA Plant Manager and Leslie Meyer. This is a funding program that allows the demolish of buildings in need of being demolished in town. This calls for an inventory of buildings to be demolished. The cost to the property owner is 20% of the demolition cost. Application date for this is April or May of 2023. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

New Business 

Street Sealing – Mayor Garnett brought forward information that the city streets which were completed approximately 5 years ago need sealing to keep them in good repair. The Public Works Supervisor will do background information as to exactly what needs to be done for this project. 

Mexico Chamber of Commerce – Hodges suggested that the city needs to join the Mexico Chamber of Commerce due to the benefits offered that will benefit Laddonia. Davis moved and Cope seconded a motion to join the Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

Davis moved and Cope seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 3-0. Meeting adjourned as 8:00m by Mayor Garnett.

*** No closed session was held.***

Respectfully submitted,

Tresa Hodges, Mayor Pro-Tem