September 15, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Members Present                                                              Others Present

Gary Garnett, Mayor                                                        Tom Ellis, Attorney via phone

Tresa Hodges, Mayor Pro Tem                                       Nick Parrish, Treasurer                

Gerald Davis, Alderman                                                   Charlie Vogt, Public Works Sup.

Travis Lybarger, Alderman                                            Megan Vogt, Water Operator

Heath Hall, Clarance Cannon

Patrons – Kevin Charlton

Marcia Garnett

Kevin Garnett

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Mayor Garnett.

Welcome to everyone was conducted by Mayor Garnett.

Recording of the aldermen attendance was conducted by the Mayor Pro Tem with Alderwoman, Juanita Cope as absent.

Davis moved and Lybarger seconded a motion to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion passed 3-0.  Items added were as follows.  Megan Vogt, Water Operator, to give results about the recent lead and copper study.  Charlie Vogt, Public Works Supervisor, will give a proposal for the sale of the city’s backhoe and subsequent purchase of a mini excavator with trailer and give an update of the Admiral Fuqua Memorial Highway project.

Patron comments were heard.

Kevin Charlton asked when a police officer would be hired. He stated he knows of happenings in town and the need is great.  The Council stated that we were still looking but there have been no applicants.

He also gave his update on the basketball court and that the committee is waiting on concrete bids.

Marcia Garnett voiced complaints about a city employee’s language and comments made in public places.

Heath Hall gave a report on the funding application for the Clarance Cannon water connection.  He stated that the grant application was approved for 75% of the estimated project cost.  This would equal approximately $1.5 million.  The Council will need to decide whether to accept this proposal at the October meeting. 

Megan Vogt presented the results of the recent lead and copper water study.  Under authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set the Action Level for lead in drinking water at 15 parts per billion (ppb).  The Action Level for copper is 1300 ppb.  This means utilities must ensure that water from our taps do not exceed these levels in at least 90 percent of the home samples taken (90th percentile value).  The Action Level is the concentration of a contaminant which, if exceeded triggers treatment or other requirements which a water system must follow.  Laddonia’s 90th percentile copper contamination is .0ppb and copper contamination is 62.3ppb.  Reports on the homes sampled were handed out the the homeowners and/or mailed.  Charlie Vogt stated that this will likely be an annual study going forward and that the same locations should be tested each year.

Old Business:

Davis moved and Lybarger seconded a motion to approve the August minutes.  Motion passed 3-0.

Lybarger moved and Davis seconded a motion to approve the August 2022 monthly reports.  Motion Passed 3-0

Nick Parrish stated that the auditor will be on site the week of September 26 to conduct the annual audit.

Hodges moved and Lybarger seconded a motion to approve the August 2022 warrant list.  Motion passed 3-0.

Cleanup of properties.  Charlie Vogt stated that all properties that have been cited by Code Enforcement have been rectified and the workorders with time will be submitted to the city attorney for billing purposes.

Basketball court and highway dedication.  Kevin Charleton gave hos report during patron comments Charlie Vogt gave a report about the highway dedication.  He stated that a meeting was held in Jefferson City regarding requirements and planning.  A petition was required to give approval.  Senator Jeannie Riddle is the sponsor of the project.  There will be more planning meeting to come.

4-wheeler and ATV ordinance was tabled to next month.

New Business

City Park repairs.   Charlie Vogt said that repairs are stalled, awaiting a proposal for the doors as a different option has been proposed.  Also, waiting on the electrical bid.

MFA Water Agreement.  MFA has had a management change and waiting review by the new management.

Repairs at the lagoon.  Waiting on a proposal from ASI-Laddonia for the cost and recommendations.

Community Building Development Grant.  Tresa Hodges, Mayor Pro-Tem, was contacted by Audrain County Associate Commissioner, Leslie Meyer, about working on a grant for this as MFA has identified several buildings and a grain bin that need to be demolished and the this could work into cleanup opportunities for the community.

Employee health insurance.  Census of city employees is being compiled by Nick and Tresa to be submitted for a quote.  The goal is to get quality and affordable options and we have become aware of a program if we join the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico or Vandalia.

Grant Stafford driveway issue.  The city’s attorney has prepared a “Quit Claim” Deed to be executed by the mayor that relinquishes the city’s right on the driveway on Mr. Stafford’s property.

Sales of backhoe.  Charlie presented a proposal for the sale of the backhoe to Martin Equipment for $57,500.00and the purchase of a 2021 John Deere 35G compact excavator for $$49,000.00; John Deere 18’heavy duty 2. 8cu.ft bucket for $800.00 and a John Deere Hyd. Clamp for $1,700.00 from John Deere and a 83 x 20 Load bumper pull heavy duty equipment trailer from K&A Trailer & Equipment Sales for $7,200.00.  Lybarger moved and Savis seconded a motion to sell the backhoe and purchase the mini excavator, bucket, clamp, and trailer.  Motion passed 3-0.

Lybarger moved and Davis seconded to enter closed session at 7:50pm. Motion passed 3-0.

No actions were taken.

Lybarger moved and Davis seconded to enter open session as 8:05pm.  Motion passed 3-0.

Davis moved and Lybarger seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 3-0.  Meeting adjourned as 8:06pm by Mayor Garnett.

Respectfully submitted,

Tresa Hodges, Mayor Pro-Tem