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Chapter 140


Section 140.010. Prices of Lots, Conditions, Etc. [Ord. No. 284 §3, 6-15-1995]

All purchasers of cemetery lots in said Laddonia cemetery shall be required to pay for all lots or parts of lots purchased by them the following prices: For each whole lot [which shall consist of eight (8) burial spaces], the sum of eight hundred dollars ($800.00), for each half lot [which shall consist of four (4) burial spaces], the sum of four hundred dollars ($400.00), and for each one-fourth lot [which shall consist of two (2) burial spaces], the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00). The minimum spaces which can be purchased shall be one-fourth lot [two (2) burial spaces]. All sums of money received from the sale of such lots or parts of lots shall be deposited in the City Treasury to the credit of a special fund known as the “Cemetery Fund,” and no part of such fund shall be taken or used as the general revenue fund of the City, but shall be withdrawn and used only for payment of expenses incurred in the care, upkeep or enlargement of said cemetery and its environments. All sales of lots or parts of lots shall be for cash only and no burial shall be allowed to be made on any lot or part of lot, nor any deed delivered therefor, until the same is fully paid for. All deeds are to be in writing, in the book kept for such purpose, signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and attested by said Clerk with the Seal of said City and a record of the sale of each lot or part of lot, giving the number of said lot or part of lot, with the name of the purchaser, the date of sale and the price received. No burials shall be allowed in walkways or alleys, only one (1) body shall be buried in a single grave site and all burials shall be in at least a concrete grave liner box.

Section 140.020. Not To Allow Interments — When. [Ord. No. 284 §4, 6-15-1995]

Owners shall not allow interments to be made in their lots for a remuneration.

Section 140.030. Rights of Owners. [Ord. No. 284 §5, 6-15-1995; Ord. No. 297 §1, 11-14-1996]

The owners of each lot shall have a right to erect any proper stones, monuments, or sepulchral structures thereon, all of which shall be properly set in masonry; and to cultivate shrubs and plants on the same; but no tree growing within any lot, or on the border thereof, shall be cut down or destroyed without the consent of the Cemetery Committee.

Section 140.040. Lots Not To Be Transferred Except to City. [Ord. No. 284 §8, 6-15-1995]

No purchaser of any lot or part of a lot in the City Cemetery shall sell or transfer the same of any part thereof to any private party or parties; but the City of Laddonia shall at all times be required to pay to every such lot owner who desires to dispose of his said lot, or to his heirs, an amount equal to the sum originally paid therefor to the City; provided that the remains of no person shall at the time be or remain interred in such lot, and that the same is and shall be in as good condition as when purchased from the City. In such purchase, the Board of Aldermen shall act for the City, and pay for such lot out of the Cemetery Revenue Fund; provided, further, that such transfer shall be by deed, duly acknowledged and recorded in the book kept by the City Clerk for the transfer of lots.